With the medium-term objective development of entrepreneurial activity in the international construction industry, Fine Design SRL invests in professional development at European standards, ensuring the necessary qualification and certification.


Construction site management, project management, optimization technology and erection of steel structures and mixed facades (steel, PVC, glassware, prefabricated elements, ornamental tiles)


Basic engineering framing, overview and detail projection, technological design for steel structures and mixed facades.


Erection of steel structures, roofing systems, walls, industrial covers, façades, prefabricated elements (steel, aluminium, wood)


Execution and delivery of steel structures, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, ornamental tiles

Metal structure manufactures located in Nadrag:

  • Current production capacity: 150 tons monthly, any kind of steel structure, especially heavy steel structure
  • Employees –15

Metal workshop located in Timisoara:

  • current production capacity: 50 tons monthly, light steel structure and stainless steel
  • Employees – 10